It’s PROM Night

I was able to get a few snap shots during my crazy day of my girls who came to get makeup for the PROM…Girl, I remember my PROM night so very well. I was cute and wore a short black fitting dress. I had a body back then they I could rock anything.

I was busy today starting out working at the studio then I had to leave to do makeup on a bride who changed location around 11pm so I knew what the day was going to be like with her. It was a bad day mostly because of the rain…and not just regular rain. The bride was a little over an hour late so I sat there and talked with her 2 aunts the entire time. Because she was very late she was the only one that I could do because I had my PROM girls.

My first young lady was on time she was 15 mins early so when I arrived she was already outside waiting on me.

My second girl Devin called that she was running late because of the bad weather there were traffic and accidents everywhere. But she finally made it and came out amazing…take a look.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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