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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 12:58:15


Subject: I will return calls

Ok guys its just not enough time in the day. I have been trying to call everyone back as fast and when I can. Our times are different so it doesn't work when I can call you guys. I'm sorry just bare with me. I had a half of a day off on Mothers Day and a half day in Houston when I spent time with my family.

I am about to jump out the tub head out to do this Soft Sheen Carson

/L'Oreal assignment on the west bank at a church. Then at 2:45 I have to be on Toulouse to set up for a bridal party. I should be done at 6pm cuz that's the time the wedding start.

My girl Jessica from L.A. is helping me out with the last two locations of the Soft Sheen gig. I am so glad I have her still in town holding me down.

On Friday I had to give away another assignment to two makeup artists cuz I couldn't make that one due to the weather for the assignment I was working on. I still earlier that day had Soft Sheen.

I had Devin for the last two days and she has been a great help with answering my phone and taking messages for me. She's is such a sweet girl and I am glad I have her on my team. She has learned a lot in the last two days about how crazy my schedule is and she wants to stay around so that's a good thing.

Let me get out this tub before I be late.

People, I will try to make calls to as many as I can when I get off. I will be heading to the studio after the wedding so ill hit up as many of you all as I can. At some point I need to eat today. I just realize that I haven't eaten in two days maybe that's why my head hurts. Do red bulls count?

Shit Shit Shit… I forgot about Chris Paul party tonight. Shit! Gotta go bye


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