BGD Mayor is back.

It has been 2 years almost three years since we taped the last show. The last show never aired and it’s weird because the last show was about Hurricane’s. Nagin had the hurricane guy in to talk about what to expect, what would happen and etc…ok it’s giving me chills cuz I remember so well what we talked about. Everything that he said to me as well as on the show happen. I mean EVERYTHING that came out of this man mouth happen just like he said it would, word for word.

So today I am back at WDSU studio and it’s not the same crew that use to be here. Nagin and I are left. Everybody was new, and the staff is so much smaller and this time Nagin does not host the show. Carlyn did a segment and radio personality Kelder from 102.9 FM did another segment. Franklin and Julie were running behind the scene things. And now we are only taping once a month instead of weekly.

Nagin arrived last at 10:15 so when he got there I was able to start on him cuz the girls were done as well as the guest. After we finished Franklin helped me pack up and I was done for the day. Picked the kids up and enjoy the day with my babies.


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