Active Day

At first I didn’t want to tell everybody that I had a 12 noon interview today with Times Picayune because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Susan came by and she interviewed me for about an hour. We basically just talked and laugh so it didn’t feel like the typical ones that I have had in the past. This article should run in July in a the fashion WISH insert. SO be on the lookout for that plus I’ll keep you all posted.

She may use some of the info for another piece that she will be doing in the living section of the Times Picayune. We schedule the photographer to stop by the studio on Wednesday to take a few pics of myself and the studio. Lord, I hope he got my good side.

Later that evening Star, Carlyn and I went to OHM Lounge to attend a private showing from LA designer Jeanne Bauer. She was showcasing her amazing custom jewelry and you know that I love custom, chunky pieces so I was excited about going.

You all have to take a look at her pieces at their amazing. I look forward to working with her on an upcoming event in LA. I may have to get a few things for Essence weekend. Her pieces are bad ass to where I could just rock a baby tee, my skinny jeans and sexy stiletto and her pieces would be the eye candy.

My boy Billy came out with his sexy ass and Marco and Anais was there. She look so good such a sexy mom to be. Jeanne herself is bad ass she look like she should be a model instead of a jewelry designer. I was introduce to her by attorney Mark Bloom who is also a cutie. Mark is now living in California can’t wait to see him on my next trip to my second home.


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