Veuve Clicquot VIP Party

I met this awesome lady today that came to get individual lashes for one of her upcoming events. Her name is TAZ and she is a professional body builder that lives here in New Orleans. I am going to get her to help tone me up before I go on tour in September. You know how hard those tours are on my body, 12-14hrs days for one month is horrible. So, I am going to start preparing next month as well as do a checkup on my body since I am getting tired and exhausted and I need to make an appointment for my feet cuz of what happen last year.

So Taz was the only person I had on the books so after TAZ left I closed up studio and went to pick Envy up from work at City Hall and Star was shopping at Canal Place so I snatched her up and headed home. I really wanted to take my time for tonight event at The W. Hotel. I was invited to attend the VIP Veuve Clicquot Party about two weeks ago so I had time to plan what I wanted to wear. The event was from 8-11pm and I really didn’t know what to expect but when I got there I was told I was given a Cabana with flowing VEUVE CLICQUOT and HORS D’OEUVRES all night. There were only 4 given out and 3 were occupied by others like a hotel owner, a magazine owner and I am not sure who the other person was. So of course all eyes were on me when my black ass was escorted over. Throughout the night a few curious people kept coming in with different stories, somebody pretend they lost there purse, somebody thought it was a friends cabana, some guy came in and just started making himself at home cuz he assumed since we had the same associate it was ok to make himself at home. Anthony from New Orleans Black, his date and sidekick stopped by and enjoyed a few bottles. I was happy to see friends like Laura (my Honduras family) and Barbara. Perkins was there with Sean Cummings but I don’t know what’s going on with him and I.

Star got drunk quick….I didn’t see her drink that much but Star was feelin good very early. She said I was runnin my mouth so much that I just didn’t see her fill up her glass. The staff kept it coming every time I looked around we were getting a new bottle plus we had a lot of guest stopping by. Michael and Star was so pissed off about certain guest and people that kept coming in. But as I explained to him it’s not that serious. I was invited and I am going to leave it at that….but that is why I love that Mary J Blige song “WORK THAT”. Michael spent a lot of the evening taking pics of buildings and skylines cuz he is not good with dealing with fake people and/or black people who like to show their job positions with other black people.

Our boy Lane came up to see us and I wanted to joke with him about playing on my phone the night before. He called me like really late to tell me about the private event but he didn’t know that I was already invited. So he thought it was a great idea to call me late when he was wasted. So my voice mail shut him down and he called back so now I am ready to pop off but when I saw the number I knew who it was. So we laughed about that but it got really busy and then some local tv show came in to interview Laura so it was getting crowded so he got lost in the shuffle.

Charles who work at Harrah’s Casino came by. Star invited him over and of course I gave him a hard time because he has a girlfriend and a new baby. So I was like don’t bring all that negative energy over here. I don’t need girlfriend drama my way so he did that fake laugh but he really wanted to curse me out and throw my ass in the pool. But what was he going to do…really.

Beth Ann got on the mic about 11ish and invited everyone downstairs but we couldn’t play with Lane tonight cuz I had to go across the street now to see my buddy “DJ Captain Charles” who was having a smaller scale birthday party then what we is use to throwing at Harrah’s. Michael and Star didn’t want to go…they bitched the entire time as we walked over. But you know me I love a party and I don’t care about what type of music, people or who ever was over there. I can party with all types; low class, middle class and high class. It was crazy over there and I actually could not take 3 steps without seeing people I knew so you know I stopped and talked holding up the process of just going in saying hi and getting out. I finally made it over to him but I was freaking out how he had security and shit. But I love how he has grown. Charles see us and he comes down and if he didn’t that would have been a problem. But, that’s not his style he is a great guy so he wouldn’t play me or Michael like that. To much history with him. I was trying to get a dance in cuz Lil Wayne song came on but they snatched me up so fast before I could get my arms up in the air and do my favorite pose. In my mind I was heading to the VIP area to order a drink….I was VIP across the street so I thought that meant I was VIP over at Harrah’s. But really I was going to go to the bar but one had my arm and the other was pushing me from the back. I bet they planned that shit when I was talking…and I didn’t get a chance to take pics!!!!

I’ll see you tomorrow night at The W Hotel in the french quarter for the summer movie flick “The Devil Wears Prada” one of my favorite movies.


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  1. If somebody need a party girl at their party they know they need to hire you just to make it SEXY. Looking good

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