Multi tasking today

I am still working still on set for the Tabasco shoot and today and yesterday I had to take all calls both from the studio and my cell while on set. Well I really could not answer everything had to be done by email and texting. Then I have Michael faxing invoices and contracts for me. My thumb is in pain. I am conducting all my Essence assignments through my phone. Times and dates are changing every hour it feels like. Then I am trying to get Andrea the makeup artist from Houston organize. Susan from Times Picayune needed one more hair stylist to write about for next week article. I think she decided to go with Michael Fortune. Then in between trying to work on set doing makeup. I am over here sweating like a ho in church.

Michael and I will be working together during Essence on July 12th for Charmaine wedding in Jamaica. So today is the last day hopefully we wrap this evening cuz I still have to go to the studio to clean up for the Times photo shoot and get makeup for the wedding in Baton Rouge.

Ok, gotta go looking like we are ready to start up again so talent need makeup.


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  1. You are FUNNY!!! a ho in church. That is so nice of you. Have he called to say thank you that was really nice of you to do.

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