Essence is over

It’s 7:35am on Monday and Essence Music Festival for 2008 is now over for me. As, I walk down the ramp to the car leaving the Windsor Court hotel I must say I will miss my crazy week. My last person was at 6:30am and I am ready to crash for a few hours. So, any emails or phone calls I missed I will return let me just turn off my phone and shut down for a few hours.

Before leaving Angela’s room that evening she told me to just take myself off the books for next year and that they just need to book me a room at the Windsor Court because of the early hours and the going back in forth. And I spoke with Sandra at Essence she said the same thing…next year is going to be bigger and better. So that mean my schedule will be just as tight. We talked about a lot of other things that I cannot share with you just yet but definitely some great news…well for me.

It was really cool to have someone drive me around to each location…moving on up:)))And to have someone to take all of my calls was so easy. It can be stressful sometimes so it allow me to be creative all day and not worry about bookings, rescheduling, questions about services or people calling me whom I have never met telling me why I should give them my overflow of assignments. That is why I wish I had my former assistant Tamicha Roberts back in my life. But my guy held me down…he was amazing!!!

Andrea, a makeup artist from Houston came down to help me out. How sweet of her to do my hair on some down time in the green room. She’s an awesome girl cuz she got it…she understood the way I work. She had thick enough skin to get through the 3 days. She was loyal, she was excited and she was ready for the long hours and she understood the schedule changing every few hours. She never tried to out shine me she didn’t get all diva on me and try to stab me in the back, She got it and with that she will be helping me again and anyone else that I bring on will be put through a BGD Makeup Artistry Boot Camp. So Andrea my love thanks for holding me down and being there for me…luv u baby girl.

Another amazing person was Caressa Foreman whom is a loyal client since my first location. Every year she comes to me for makeup and to buy makeup. This year my schedule was so crazy with Essence that I had to move her time around and on one day I made her so late but she waited and that meant a lot for me. I was so so hurt more upset about it then she was. I LOVE MY CLIENTS….Caressa…thank you for being so understanding…LUV U

I will be working with BET Television next year for their On-Air Talent they already booked me. And my favorite new girl “TANICKA SANDERS” booked me for whom ever they will be bringing down this year. Rosci from 106th & Park was such a sweet girl. She thought it was so cute that I was in the chair getting glam by Andrea. She wanted her A-List makeup artist to look good…I guess. I used some of my makeup “Queen B” cosmetics and other stuff. She loved the two lip sparklettes colors that Kim Kardashian liked; “PIXIE & DIAMOND. She’s awesome…Avant is shy…kinds sneaky shy:)))

On Sunday night I tried to be grown and go out for a few hours. We went to one of the suites…to eat and drink:)))) When we got there Chris Rock was on stage and y’all say I say crazy shit…no CHRIS ROCK has me beat. Why Darren was in there trying to be seen??? Wait Michael goes why he keeps looking over here:))))) We left after MJB did about 5 songs. I was hurtin trying to be cute in there.

So much more to tell you all but I have to crash for now.

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  1. Oh My Word!you were in a private car for essence? you are the shit. i know the other makeup people are hating on you in new orleans. you had a great time i bet. wow you are so pretty is that your husband?

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