Ladies from Sizzler In The City

Here are some pics of me getting some of the ladies ready for the “SIZZLER IN THE CITY” event at The Cricket Club. The event was given by Linda Lewis of Armstrong Family Services benefiting homeless children. The local celebrity guests were news reporters, dj’s and staff of Mayor Ray Nagin.

Michael came out to support the cause so he took a few shots here in there of me working at the studio and at the Cricket Club backstage. Because it was getting so crazy that we had to put him out when the ladies started getting dress so he could not take a lot of pictures of me working. So, here are a few.

At the end of the event Linda Lewis escorted me on stage to news reporter Michael Hill from Channel 26. This is the part I hate because as much as I talk I hate getting up on stage at the last minute and get interviewed. It wasn’t to bad cuz Michael has interviewed me before about makeup looks for Mardi Gras in 2005. Because I work really hard and just always grinding I really don’t know how the people in the city view me. And when the audience showed me so much love while I was standing I thought I was going to start crying. Jazz Singer Sharon Martin was so excited to see me when I first walked in she greeted me with open arms, and shared that the ladies did not believe that Linda was able to get me to come out to do the ladies makeup. She was acting like I was some A-list makeup artist…I was happy to see Hope and Hope Enclade from “Dress For Success” was just as happy to see me. This is a woman that I respect so much so when the city and peers show me love like they did tonight it really touch me and I get emotional.


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