I wanna go home

Good morning…its close to 9am and its still raining out here in Baton Rouge. I am waiting to listen to Jindal press conference about updates from the hurricane and when we can go home. Because of the rain its not to hot. The windows are open so a nice breeze is coming through.

If you want to know how we are all feeling right about now go download or you tube, Michael Buble' song “HOME”. That song was a song my family and I would listen to when we were down having a blah day or a sad day. My daughter is not very social or communicate well so I would tell her when she was having a bad day play that song and I'll know. So if you want to know how we are doing think about us and play that song at the same time. Hopefully that will insight you.

Hope today we can get internet or cable today as we'll as power. Most of the food and my mother in law box all of her food is gone so I know our food at home is bad right about now.

Keep me posted if you all hear anything. MP3 is about to get low as well so soon we won't know what's up unless we go sit in the car to charge everything up again.


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