Police Come Out At Night

This new lifestyle that us Gulf Coast peeps are living looks like a new television show. We made it back to New Orleans and let me tell you its like re-living Katrina all over again.

Police and military people are all over the place. You have to show I'd and have to be in your area. I like that they are stopping residents because we heard there have been 3 break ins by looters already. There are store and gas shortages, food and other shortages that you need to survive. Not everybody has power and water lines are not working. So when everybody gets in tomorrow it will be unsafe and tempers will be high. So I am glad we had a head start. Just want to get the kids go to the store in lock ourselves in our home.

We are safe for now but if they thought it was rough before to live here lord knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

I just hope to hear back from my L.A. Clients to see about getting work this month cuz I need to get out of New Orleans.

Stay tune will keep u all posted don't I always.


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