Saints vs Packers

You know if my boy Brett was still with the Green Bay Packers then I would be hanging out with him right now. But he is no longer with them so maybe that's a good thing cuz I would be getting in trouble right now. He is playing with the Jets and I doubt they would ever play here in NOLA. Tonight should be fun I guess. I don't see anybody from my crew that I can play with tonight while the game is going on. Hopefully, Shontell is coming to the game so I can have somebody to play with. If not, then I don't have anybody to take pics with and of me. I did bring the new Essence magazine with me so I can have something to read while the game is on. You all know I don't know what I am watching so I can't get excited. Right now I am back in the trailer just snacking. Emmitt is not scheduled to arrive until 4:15pm. That's my buddy:)

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