Belvedere Vodka Private Party

I have been so busy with assignments, meetings, and now a lot of writing that I have not been able to attend all of the parties that I have been getting invites to. So, let me say this now; I am so sorry for any parties that promoters, sales rep, business owners, and event planners have been inviting me to. Nothing against any of you. My schedule has been so crazy that some days I feel like I am just walking in motions that I don’t even have time to eat.

Last night one of my favorite favorite people called me around 9ish to invite Michael and I to his Belvedere event. Laine is such a sweetheart whenever he calls me late it only means two things…and no not what you are thinking. He either calls to invite his favorite party girl and her crew to his events and/or he calls by mistake when he has to many drinks and play on my phone. Since he sound sober I knew he had an event that he needed me to attend.

Because, I was having a busy day I really didn’t have time to go home and get cute so I just freshen up my clothes and just left hair and makeup as is. The party for was cute. I was only able to have 2 cocktails because of my early schedule the next day. It was good to see faces that I have not seen in some months and a few longer than that.

I don’t know why I still get surprise that my peers know who I am or want to meet me. The love they show is so sweet and everybody who meet me for the first time is shock that I am so approachable and easy to talk with. I hear it every time “You are not what I thought you would be like”. They surprise me and I shock them…go figure.

Before I go, I have to say hi to Ms. Nicole Robinson…a long time friend who I respect so much. She’s an AWESOME CHICK…


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