Happy New Year’s

It's 1:09 pm and I am just rollin over. Michael said I love like a rock star;)
My baby girl Shontell made me some treats so when I officially get up in shower I will stop to go get them. I promise Jordan we would take him back downtown today. Have lots of updates and pictures to add to my blog so later today well later this evening check back. Will post pics from last night at the mayors party with the famila.
Love u guys!!!

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3 Replies to “Happy New Year’s”

  1. Happy New Year Mrs Brandy! I actually saw you with your family last night on stage with the mayor and the other people during the countdown. How sweet was that. My makeup artist for my wedding is a ROCK STAR so I better book you fast.

  2. Brandy, your husband said it right, you are a rock star!! I am just waiting for Ryan Seacrest to give you your very own reality show. You are such an entertainer, you crack me up. I love reading your blog. Happy New Year and all the success that you are getting is well desired.

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