Little Miss Oops

Little Miss Oops

A survival kit for every woman’s needs, the Critical Care Kit includes a Miss Oops Pucker Protector, Rescue Sponge, and Pedicure in a Bottle. Three essentials to keep you covered no matter the “oops!”

Miss Oops Pucker Protector’s unique formula of moisturizing petroleum and sunscreen revive your pucker with a gloss so striking you can use it alone or over lipstick. Plus, the minty scent leaves your breath smelling fresh. Miss Oops Pucker Protector – It’s a lip balm. It’s a lip gloss. It’s both!

Deodorant marks on your clothes? Makeup on your favorite shirt or new scarf? No problem, look what I found for us; Miss Oops Rescue Sponges. No need to wet your clothes, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear. The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. It’s like the Mr. Clean “Magic Eraser” for your clothes. Safe to use on all fabrics.

Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle is your new best friend! Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle actually exfoliates, and then hydrates your feet. The exfoliating component is actually absorbed into the skin. This non-greasy formula can be applied it in the morning and worn with your shoes without that “slippery-greasy” feeling. The combination of glycolic and salicylic acid, shea butter, peppermint, menthol, and lavender leave your feet feeling smooth and smelling pretty – just like you had a pedicure!

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