Golden Globe here I come

I am still at the airport in route to Los Angeles. I have been in the airport since 6am and its now 11:48am. I am so exhausted that I don't have time to worry or get nervous about going to the Golden Globe. I have never been this is my first time so I really don't know have a clue about the set up. All, I know is that I am not going to the actress home any longer that part fell through. Now, I am working the glam lounge or the green room area. I had to do a background check, a personal credit check before I could even get this assignment. Same thing with Pepsi Smash VH-1 Concert for the Superbowl. I have to turn in additional paperwork I passed all the check. So, while here I am just going to go do me. I hope I did a good job with packing my makeup. I went to celebrate Jerome Holmes and Sergio owner of Mambo Mundo bday. Their bday kicked off latin night. I stayed out till 12am. The shoot was from 10am – 8pm that I didn't have time to clean my kit and pack. Went home shower changed clothes and headed to 360 for 1030pm. So, now I am at the airport tired and about to look at these pics from yesterday photo shoot. I need to get them done for Caribbean Posh Magazine. Deadline is on the 12th. This will be for the Feb/Mar issue. Ok, gotta go. Wish me luck at the GOLDEN GLOBE and on the RED CARPET.


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