Biijules by Designer Jules Kim

Bijules by Designer Jules Kim

Jules Kim designs jewelry to ruffle your feathers. Biijulesis ( the most creative unique jewelry and accessory line I have personally seen. From fingernail rings to necklaces made of hand-dyed hair, the pieces combine innovation with intellectual inspiration. And her one finger bar ring, which stretches across four fingers, is the fanciest variation on a brass knuckle we’ve ever seen. Biijules NYC has a cult following because it’s known for twisting ideas (like crafting earrings out of hair extensions) and creating underground trends.

So who is the Bijules woman , she is one who loves to live and express herself in a very personal way. Maybe she wakes and feels frisky, puts on a set of gold nail rings, and goes out to kill it. Or maybe she is feeling super subtle and slips on a pair of the new Arsenic & Old Lace high-waisted panties with gold suspenders. And when she calmly rides in the elevator up to work, she quickly makes the men writhe next to her, wondering where the gold chains on her shoulders are coming from, and where they are going.

Jules Kim embraced her street and commercial status, as everyone from Gwen Stefani to Janet Jackson Santogold, M.I.A., Spankrock, Katy Perry and Rihanna is rocking her pieces. I think I can be a part time Biijules woman…the bling out nail is a must have.

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