my Michelle Obama Article pg14

The Times Picayune article that Susan interviewed me for last week is in Sunday paper on page 14 of the Living section. I am honored to be one the fashion glam team that she interviewed. I couldn't ask to be in better company of the two talented designers I shared the page with. You know of my relationship with MR HAROLD CLARKE. He is someone that I love and respect so much. MS IONA, I smile as I write she is one of not many that I allow to give me the brick when I use to get out of line. She just says it like it is. My connection with them is through their daughter, a very close girlfriend. AIMEE and I have been friends when I worked at MAC Cosmetics in New Orleans and being from the NYC we all ending up in NOLA. So, this morning started off very well. I wish I had time to go see them before leaving in the morning.

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