A day that will always be remembered for me. I wasn't able to be in D.C. but I am in Utah watching. And today my heart is in D.C. I have been watching a few times during break and will watch the entire speech in taping on the internet and at home because Michael taped it for me.

So many people speak of race but I think every citizen is responsible for themselves. President Obama can only do so much. This victory and history hopefully wakes up the young African American community especially young black male. Pull up them pants, cut them locks, go get a new wardrobe, get a job, stop putting the blame on everyone else but yourselves. Let this day be a great one without any violence and make a promise to yourself that today you will make a change.

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  1. i uderstand what you are saying brandy but how many people will really take what happen today make them change. i am so glad that i am not in new orleans sorry but the black males there will not change. they rather blame you or myself for anything that happens to them. you are such a great role model and you are trying to better yourself for your kids and this is why i love and admire you. you are a great role model and the 10 years i have been bless to know you has made ME a better person. sometimes you tell me things i dont want to hear but you never sugar coat it you say it like it is and you look out for so many people in that city or that come into your life. i respect you so much. you are a true star in my eyes. your kids in great husband are bless to have you. keep up the great work.

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