SuperBowl here I come

Michael and I just picked up Jordan from school. We had to go to a meeting earlier at a school that we are hoping to get him in next year. I must be getting old because I am exhausted from the travel. The part I hate the most about what I do is being in the airport all day just to get home. I have been so out of all day, having a Paris Hilton moment. I also hate hunting down money and I had to deal with that today as well. I was able to meet with Xavier Cabo my web guy today and paid him for January. Lots of calls today. I spoke with Troy, who may book me in Tampa for their 2 day celebrity bash superbowl party. He has 200 girls and 50 of them being main girls that will need makeup.
One of my brides came in to sign her contract and pay her deposit and – spoke with a great young lady today that is based out of ATL about her 0ctober 2009 wedding. I still have not packed my hair and makeup kit I will do that tonight and write three more articles for my beauty page. I can just go on and on. Shontell is still coming with me so this assignment will be fun cuz I will have somebody to go out and party with, take pics for me and etc. When I am by myself it gets lonely you know and the higher profile the client the crazier the rules. I laugh sometimes at the things I have been told. I did a shoot once before for a certain magazine and I received a list of things and the one that got me was standing a few inches from this one client and to not speak with her and don't touch her hair. If you all who is reading this know my personality know if you come at me crazy, I promise when I speak to you I will not speak with a lot of sugar, know that. So, I did just that and she asked me was I ok. I respond am I able to answer your question cuz I am trying to follow the rules you left for me. The client wasn't a celeb she was being honored or something I forget. Anyway, I am excited and hope to get some sleep tonight. Will try to update hopefully the work load is not crazy.

Glam life of a makeup artist…in new orleans.

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