In Tampa

Shontell and I are in Tampa ready for tomorrow concert the VH-1 Pepsi Smash Super bowl Bash. We picked up our passes today and went to the Ford Amphitheater. We are having a great time just being silly doing the girl thing. I was at the pool this morning in a guest was being nosey wanting to know what I was doing. He heard my conversation with first the NBA and then my agent. He could not believe that he was sitting at the pool listening to me talking to the NBA people. He goes you have a dream job. Maybe I do, maybe I should have been enjoying and not working hard right. Was trying to find hair people and makeup for the NBA All Star assignment. Its a rush to get everything done. Well, I need to crash finished with cleaning my kit. I have 2 full makeup kit, my air brush makeup, 2 hair kits and 1 large supply kit. If anything else is needed I doubt I brought everything with me Shontell is here to help out.

Glam life of a makeup artist
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