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Essence Editor Angela Burt Murray will be in town to do press about Essence Music Festival for 2009. My call time is 5:45am and I know she will be making appearances at WWL first and then to WVUE. Can't wait to catch up with her. Was happy to hear from her assistant that she requested me once again.

Well, gotta go get some beauty sleep.

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  1. Hi Glam Make-up Artist :o)I am a fellow Make-up Artist am happy to say you can have a wonderful career without having to live in LA!!! Keep up the good work!! Laurie

  2. Thanks Laurie…that was very nice of you to say. A lot of people when they meet me are surprised when they find out that I still live in New Orleans and work as much as I do. I travel a LOT but my family and my home is still here. We are going to leave NOLA within a year or two. It all depends on the economy. Stay in touch!

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