Its only Tuesday and so much has happen

Wow, how much more can happen this week. My entire life is about to change. Nothing bad…don't want to scare you guys. Just a lot has been drop on me…INFORMATION about my career and people that has come into my life. My tears yesterday were blessings.I am so accustomed to people I know and mostly strangers call or email me and ask how can I help them with their career or how can I hook them up with jobs or celebrities. Yesterday, after all this time I have been in the entertainment industry I have never had a mentor…never. Yesterday, Angela from Essence sent me an amazing woman to my life. She helped me refocus and re-look at everything that is going on with my career. This woman was a blessing. She shared with me personal stories and how she overcame challenges after the death of a famous r&b singer. Anyway, she has placed me on a new mission and now I am going to have to regroup.

Now I know what it feels like to have amazing people in your life. She offered to help me with some things…not wanting to take my money just wanting to help me with my career. So today, I am having a private me day…cleansing and getting my thoughts together. I guess I have been preparing myself for this move for some time now. I felt it coming and honestly I was a little scared to take the leap. But the time has come. I will let you all know what's going on as every thing fall in place. If I am stranger don't get upset I just have so little time and now a lot of things to do in such short time. I will be in and out a lot of the city a lot. Will honor all booked dates don't worry still taking appointments but I just have to get in business mode. I love you guys and I will update as much as possible. I am so excited about change and where I am headed to next. Thanks Angela for telling me that I am your favorite makeup artist and wanting me to come with you to the Oscars and other gigs…it was such an ego boost. You may be getting your wish on me relocating:)))

Glam life of a makeup artist…nationwide

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  1. Congratulations! Every journey begins with a single step. Embracing your welcomed changes will only make your life better. Face them with courage and you will be stronger. Your future, clearer. Again, congratulations, on fearlessly fulfilling your destiny.

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