Downtown Lesli Brown from 102.9fm

I ended my night with my favorite client…tonightwe have the Zulu Ball in New Orleans and I am always booked all day back to back working from early up to 11pm doing eye lash extensions, makeup applications and air bush makeup. Many of you know when I am working I refuse to answer my cell phone…refuse…but for some reason I picked up my phone and baby girl was on the other end. She needed me to some how fit her in after she gets off from work. I’ve been doing DOWNTOWN LESLI BROWN makeup for a long time now. She is a radio personality on 102.9fm radio but she use to be a radio personality on 104.5fm radio before Katrina. I love working with Lesli…she has such a great face that she can wear any look I give her. I’ve done the over the top eyes…bright bold colors…to soft natural bronze looks and she looks amazing everytime. Another reason why I love her because she comes in never asking for hook-ups because she’s on the radio…she just sits in the chair in get whatever look I put on her. So I always throw in something extra. Plus, she’s C.R.A.Z.Y…she reminds me of a mini me but with more street flavor. Lesli, gives it to you straight…no chaser…she don’t speak with a lot of sugar…she is very real, very loyal, very generous…very appreciative…never play up she’s on the radio so your suppose to…and she is always professional and always on time…which means a lot to me. This night she kept me in tears as usual, just the things she say because she has that street edge…love her , love her! I just gave her a fun simple eye…see DOWNTOWN LESLI BROWN from 102.9fm for yourself… GLAM LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST…IN NEW ORLEANS

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