Girl Meets Gown

This special shows several brides on their search for the perfect wedding dress at one of Dallas’ largest bridal salons, Stardust Celebrations. We uncover the hurdles every staff member faces to make these picky brides completely satisfied on the most important day of their lives.

It is 1:57 am and text and emails are still coming in so I am freakin out that something bad happen. The first person that texted me early was my current bride, Scarlet. The first show aired around 7pm and the second I guess around 1am. I am so flatter that my brides caught the 2 second camera time I had on the new show on WE TV called “Girl Meets Gown”.

The world is small because another bride that was featured on the show, Nancy was also a client of mine some time back. I did her makeup on a photo shoot in Mexico. Look under one of my old blogs about Planet Beach in you will see her.

Ok going back to bed.

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