Making The Band Drama

Ok WTF…Chris Brown #2

Q…is not going to make it in the industry. He has to many personal problems, he’s hot headed and he’s not mature enough. I am so glad Dawn stood up to him, gave him real talk and put him in his place. I don’t know if she got in his head but I am glad she was honest in fair about the fight. She didn’t take sides because she is dating him.

What a lot of people don’t understand is the entertainment industry is hard to be in. Yes, it looks great on tv but it is the hardest thing. Nobody never teaches these young kids how money works in the industry. Money is never what you think it is going to be. Then if you come from broken families and you make it everybody is at you begging for money not understanding that you don’t get your money the same day, the next day, and/or the next week sometimes. A lot of time the people that make it in the industry come from low-income families…keepin it real. Their family never get them an attorney they pimp there kids out to the labels and they get screwed. This is what’s happening to these band group. I love Diddy but he know these families will not go up against him in his lawyers so they just sign those contracts without reading them. Then the families start quitting their jobs, and thinking their kids will now take care of them. It’s sad because it happens all the time. This is why Q is stressin and can’t enjoy where GOD and his talent has placed him. Honestly, his mom should not have quit her job so fast. She should not place this stress on her child, she’s not allowing him to enjoy his passion and it’s not fair. He should be able to save the little money he will make when he does shows so when it slow down he will have something in his pocket.

Let me give you a personal example on how you get paid in the entertainment industry…I did the VH-1 Superbowl Bash in Tampa last month with The Fall Out Boys, Lifehouse and Rihanna. My paperwork still has not gotten process so my check is not in the mail yet! I know that for a fact because MTV called me today that they need me to resend them again for the 4th time. Now paperwork was done weeks before I left to go out to Tampa but they are still processing it. This is what happens when working with celebs and tv gigs. Payments take 30-90 days so if you don’t either have steady work or don’t know how to handle your money you will not make it in the industry. So you have to learn how to budget your money and pay your bills first. Now, if you have family in people coming at you they need money and you tell then you don’t have it of course they think you are telling them a lie. They keep coming at you with sad stories with hopes you would give in. But you can’t bring that stress with you on the next gig in this is what Q is doing. But this is the entertainment business. It’s not always GLAM. I see nothing has changed at Bad Boys Entertainment. I use to work for 4 years with them in 2 years with Arista and money was always late coming in. now with the recession…So, I understand what they are feelin. That is why I got out of the music industry. Let me tell you at first it was GLAM before the internet…If you worked in the industry way back then money was throwin around, people use to pay you for anything, I even had my own car to pick me up and take me around daily, I would just sign a car voucher…sweet right. When the internet came and got popular money starting getting tight in the industry. They never showed it on tv and that’s what you don’t see so going into the industry now you think it’s going to be like what you remember seeing.

Willie said it best last week on the show…they ain’t making it like people think. Yeah they are on tv and in the studio and staying in a great crib but their bank account don’t reflect it.

I just hope somebody please give Q a loan so he can give his mama some money. If not he is going to kill somebody because of the stress in pressure. Once again, he was the last person people think would behave that way.


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  1. hey heylove the blog!! (cant figure out how to comment)……….. hope ur doing better w/ grieving, its hard when we lose people close to us, just know ur in my prayers and thoughts! also, i missed the MTB episode but thx for summary……..poor Q!! i love him but hey money will stress u. i am feeling that myself alittle. love how u broke down the “industry” 😀

  2. So many people are clueless about the indistry that’s why they don’t make it. Just giving them real talk. I heared Dawn already broke up with Q…

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