TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Curling Your Eyelashes

written by Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

I think I may be one of the few Professional Makeup Artists who do not use an eyelash curler. For me, I have tried so many eye lash curlers in the past and I had pinched my eyes lids and bent my lashes that I would not dare try to use it on some else. So, I had to learn another way to really get the lashes to curl when applying mascara.

Tweezerman, is the only brand that I buy for my tweezers. Well, they recently came out with a new rose-gold Pro-Curl Curler. It’s designed for people like me, its pinch proof, ergonomically crafted and the contoured curler is designed to fit all eye shapes. It has a thick round silicone pad to give the ultimate leverage for the best curl. It also comes with 3 replacement pads but you must replace your curler pad after three months and curler between 6-9 month.

Tips & Tricks

With eye opened wide and pad positioned at the base of lash-line hold handles firmly and gently squeeze.

Hold a few seconds, open curler completely and gently release lashes.

Repeat, by moving all the way up to lash tips to create a more dramatically sweeping curve.

Apply mascara and follow up with Tweezerman eyelashcomb for an even more flawless, clump-free curl.

Now you are on your way to creating your favorite eye-opening, runway effects, sexier sweep and a more defined look.

Available at Sephora for $20.00

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