BEAUTY GOODIES: Clinique Quick Blush Brush

written by Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

If you’re a woman on the go, then you will love this new product by Clinique. Clinique came out with their new Quick Blush Brush. The sleek cylinder blush brush comes in six shades. The brush is finished with Clinique’s anti-bacterial technology now this doesn’t mean you don’t still have to keep it clean, wash it every couple of weeks with gentle shampoo and a little conditioner and lay it flat to dry. Now personally, I wash my makeup brushes every night with baby shampoo and once a week I add conditioner to my brushes. But, if you are just using the brush on yourself this anti-technology should be ok.

The Quick Blush tube is the perfect size and very lightweight. So you never have to worry about makeup breaking in spilling in your favorite clutch or handbag.

Minute Mocha


Pronto Pink

Berry On Time

Hurry Honey

In-A-Rush Blush


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