Packing Makeup

I have to figure out a way to better pack all of this makeup. I have been traveling with 3 makeup kits sometimes 4 makeup kits if I am doing hair also. Beside getting so expensive its really killin my right arm as you know my right arm is my money making arm. If you have travel with me before then you know I am an over packer. I am a site to watch at the airport. I can really have a reality show just at the airport and while traveling. Lots of blonde moments. Real talk my total I think I may have about 8 bags maybe 9…(Laughing at myself). No Lie…

As much as I hate sleeping in hotels the best part is I have the bed to myself where I can lay my arm out in elevate it every night on the pillows. At home the babies sleep right under me that I can barely get comfortable cuz I always think I will roll over them.

So on my next down time home maybe I will get Envy to help me organize and start putting my makeup in palettes.

Glam Life of A Makeup Artist …in NEW ORLEANS!

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  1. boy i understand!!! i have about 5 plus 2 chairs and 2 tables…….the tables and chairs are extra but i like to bring them just in case so my back isnt strained!!! the sad thing is my stuff is compacted LOL………i have pallettes and sifter jars for my powders; i just need so much!!!

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