I want to pull my hair out today!!!

Today is such a stress day for me that I just want to pull my hair out!!!

I need to have my editor pics turned into POSH magazine by May 29th. Dates are not working, I am trying to get everybody (Miss Sassy, Male Model Shaun Grant, and Hairstylist Erin Carter)to Houston to shoot with Aaron & Ray from Red Triangle Studio. I need Aaron and Ray to find one more amazing looking model to complete the look or my idea.

I need to finish up my website just updating it with pics, client list and press stuff.

I have articles that needs to be written.

I have a few upcoming assignments coming up that I need to find hair stylists and makeup artists to work under me on some A & B assignments. I need to get them all cleared through security clearance in 1.5 months.

I spoke with my gal pal
Debra last week the day I flew out to Miami and at that time my schedule was quiet. Now dates are being booked just because I told her she could pick any dates for me to teach. Debra wants me to teach a makeup class at her makeup studio in Houston. Now, I need Debra to hurry in send me dates so I can lock it in my book.

I have to unpack in repack for this weekend. At least I don’t really need much but this trip is not business its personal. That means I am bringing everybody, even my babies. Ani, the big one in size but the baby, birthday is on Saturday so I have to plan a party for him. I am going away to relax, no MAKEUP, NO HAIR, NO SEXY CLOTHES, NO DIETING, NO APPOINTMENT BOOK, NO BLACK GIRL (BLACKBERRY)…JUST COCKTAILS, BOOKS, MAGAZINES, MUSIC, FOOD, BATHING SUIT, FLIP FLOPS, T-SHIRT, SHORTS AND CAMERA. We all need a break so I am doing a Mother’s Day and a family weekend getaway. 100 acres of private land, just us nobody else so it should be peaceful. Leaving on Friday and return back on Monday. So,the packing up the family is stressing me. I asked Miss Sassy if her and her mama wants to come out cuz I know she needs a break. She had a rough week last week. Even though she’s not a MOM but everybody needs a mini getaway. This is where I am going to do my birthday bash. Think FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIE. WE CAN JUST PARTY, GET DRUNK AND HAVE A GREAT TIME. PRIVATE LAND SO NOBODY TO BOTHER MY GUEST.

Before leaving I have to get paperwork notarized from an assignment I did so I can get paid. I know…in order for me to get paid I have to pay to get something signed so they can pay me. This is a first so I will call either Jennifer Medley or Mark Bloom to help me out. This is why I miss Heidi.

I didn’t get to see my JESSICA DEBEN. She came in town for Jazz Fest I think she’s back in L.A.

I do have a new publicist so that’s awesome…


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  1. Hope everything turns out ok.. I dislike stressful days as well.. You can do it ! Everything will turn out fine in the end; it’s the drive that matters.. hahha..

  2. J. my day ended ok, it’s lit a spark in me to really get everybody to start giving me dates and answers. I seem to work better under stress:)

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