PHOTO SHOOTS:Behind the Scene Pics

I didn’t get a chance to post the behind the scene pics from two assignments that I did some time ago. Just forgot that I had them in my camera and when I was in Miami last week I came across them. I actually almost forgot and erased them cuz I needed some space.

The first picture is of a Japanese model name Akyaka Lynn and the second is a bridal photo shoot that was done at The Hotel on Poydras Street. I don’t do a lot of weddings at The W. Hotel it’s almost like a hidden gem. But I do have a wedding next week at The W. Hotel in the French Quarter. I wanted to do a GLAM makeup look that I think would be A great look on many.

Hope you like them….

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  1. Thank you darling, I really like the way she came out myself:) But she’s a pretty girl so this way almost like cheating.

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