New Kids On The Block

You know I am getting my New Kids On The Block fixed this morning. I made back from Mrs Doris home at 7am. What a way to kick of my ME time. I am so excited. Miss Sassy just don’t know but if New Kids on The Block have another tour we are going. I missed them all last year. I was on tour with L’Oreal but as soon as I hear tour dates I am locking a date in my book. If you hear anything keep me posted. I missed the cruise they did in March. Can’t keep missing these concerts. I know your shock that I like New Kids On the Block and I don’t get excited over the guys like Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, Brad Pitt and Usher types that I work with.
I think if I was to get called to go on tour and do the makeup for New Kids On the Block, I don’t think I could do it, I don’t think I could work with them. I would not be responsible for what I would do especially to poor Donnie Walhberg. Those boys makes me giggle and act like a teen again. If I was to get a call to do their makeup then I would feel that I made it. I told you I was silly;)

Glam Life Of a Makeup Artist

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