My Mother’s Day was a BLAST

As you know I took 3 days off because I was needing a lot of ME TIME! Instead of going away and staying in a luxury hotel and getting spa services done and having cocktails by myself. I took my family with me even my extended family Shontell (MISS SASSY) and her mom. Shontell and mom came out on Sunday afternoon because of mom work schedule.

I normally run back to New York when I get over-whelmed like I have been to relax and get my mind right. New York normally gets my creative energy flowin, it’s amazing up there with so many talented people and events. But this trip I need PEACE OF MIND, Nature, Birds Sanging, Water/Lakes, No noise, No TV, NO phone (cant get service on cell phones much) and we have no computer.

I have a lot of assignments coming up in town and out of town. I have photo shoots, weddings, assignments and Miami, music events, etc. I have to do a casting call for Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists. Need 4 people by mid June. So, this trip was needed. I had such a great time we laughed the entire time while out there. Caught up on movies like (BRIDE WARS, 77 POUNDS, BENJAMIN BUTTONS). I almost finished a 500 piece puzzle, well maybe about 1/4th. We picked pine cones, Jordan picked flowers for me, Michael gave me a manicure. We had lots of silly moments; I stepped on a dead snake, I tipped the canoe over with Michael and Envy still in it so they fell in the lake. Shontell and Jordan played pool, and Shontell learned how to eat King Crabs.

I feel so great and just wanted to play one of my favorite songs that express how I am feeling today. The music is what I feel not the lyrics as much if that makes sense. I’ll try to post pics later today when I get off.


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  1. Belle, The view is amazing! Waking up to this view every morning is sweet. I’ll be stopping by to see what your up to.

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