Essence Music Festival:Feedback

This year Essence Music Festival was strictly about me working and working and working. My hours were very rough this year. I didn’t go out to parties any partying that I did was on Thursday night at the Mayor’s Pre-Essence Party. I don’t count being in the VIP Lounge & backstage at the Superdome partying even though everybody else was. I did get to see BEYONCE and walked around the VIP Lounge and the main floor when artists came on that I wasn’t a big fan of. Can you believe that I only had two drinks all weekend. Because my call times started at 5am and ending at 3am there were no time to drink.

I would like to thank makeup artist Andrea Walker from Houston who was selected from the casting calls. Andrea came down and she helped me so so much. We only saw each other one time when she was so sweet to come downstairs at the convention center to bring me something to eat n drink cuz I was in pain with a 4 day migraine. All of the clients loved her and she was so reliable that I didn’t have to keep checking up on her. She got to every client that they ended up asking if she can come back later in the day.

Miss Sassy and I didn’t get to party together except for Thursday night. Michael and Henry both came out with us to the Mayor’s party. This was the first time that Henry party with us.

I met so many great people (VP’s, directors, producers, pr firms, reporters, photographer’s, & artists )this year that I look forward to working with and building business relationship with. Saw many old pals and was able to spend a few seconds with them cuz my schedule kept me moving.

I love that Essence gave us these cute little FORD cars to get around in. They hired two drivers to take us everywhere (hotel, convention center, & superdome) all weekend. When I was at the Windsor Court a couple asked to take a picture with me I thought that was the cutest thing. I got asked that a few times, I don’t know if it’s because they thought I was somebody else or because they actually knew who I was and liked my work. Either way it was weird, kinda funny.

Even though the hours were long and hard I actually had fun doing what I love…MAKEUP!!!


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