L’OREAL Makeup Tour

All of my L’OREAL tour info is coming in slowly. I will be flying out on August 4th. I will not be home for my anniversary this year which is on August 5th. But these are things that I have to deal with. Because of my busy schedule I always have to miss out on something. But hubby is understanding.

I am actually excited about being on the road and I get to see my girls who I don’t see often because we all live in different cities. I don’t know if Debra and Veronica will be there this year. So I will just keep my fingers cross.

I have 12 hour days again and I don’t have to worry about traveling with makeup since L’Oreal takes care of all that. All I need is black pants and shoes and a bag to put makeup that they will give at the end of the tour. So no drama at the airport with lots of luggage. I will bring my laptop so I can stay in touch with you guys. Don’t have my hotel info yet and car service info yet but I am sure they will send me that this week or so.






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  1. wow, you have the most amazing job. fun and stressful at times. but I think it is well worth it. have fun on the tour.

  2. I wish you all the best and oh so sorry about you missing your anniversary, but great you have an understanding hubby, only that matters dear. Your truly a talented makeup artist!

  3. I will Gingeyginge, I always do. Yeah 12 hours a day but I love what I do and I love L'OREAL. Women sleep on L'OREAL cuz they don't know the beauty industry secret. One day I will write a book about it all:)

  4. Killacam…that's the goal. I tell people all the time “don't say you can't” stop using race, not being born with a silver spoon, not having education…remember 4 years ago I was homeless due to Katrina and was called a refugee. So yes, I am back on top working hard so I can LIVE THE LIFE! We plan something before I go on tour:)

  5. Yes, the first week on tour is hard but I have been doing it for sometime now the 12 hrs days. And I don't wear stiletto anymore when on tour so that helps. Chrissy, I must say I love what I do. I love makeup like so many of you all.

  6. Don't worry Andrea you will hopefully next year. You know I am always trying to help. Michael is a good one but he understands this is my love and I have had this schedule before we got marry so he gets it.

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