L’Oreal Tour Update

Its been a few days and the L’Oreal tour has been going really good. Weather has been good except for today. The rain got me today so my hair that was looking really good has now left me with putting it in a ponytail:(

Its so good to see everybody. I don’t usually get to see the crew until we tour. We all stay in touch a lot and we play on face book or send emails and text to one another. But working side by side isn’t often with everbody living in different city. The only two missing on this trip is Debra and veronica both makeup artist based out of Houston.

I do get to see Debra at the end of the month. I will be in Houston to do a makeup class for women of color and I think I am suppose to be doing Makeup & Martini the night before the class. I know Debra is really cussing me out right about now because she emailed me to send her pics. But its been so hard the last few days to do an computer work at the end of the night. We been getting back to the hotel everynight so late.

I been setting the alarm for 5:45am and getting my body out of bed at 6am. By 7am we are out the door heading to work.I have been able to eat a blueberry muffin or two but you know I love cranberry muffins. The hotel has great cranberry juice its some kind of mix whatever it is I like a lot. The rest of the day its been moving none stop, super busy. Yesterday, I don’t how it happen but I didn’t get to eat dinner. So at 7:30pm I stop finally and ate an apple:). I am already losing weight. I need to get to a store to buy another pair of black pants cuz the size 4 is not looking cute on me anymore. By the end of the month I might be a size “0”. You know I am lovin that.

I still have a few more articles to write. I have to get to the interview that Beauty School sent over to me. The hold up is getting pictures to her as well. Then to finally get to my brides to write contracts and check dates. I know I have a few other people need answers about dates that need to book me for upcoming gigs. L’Oreal want me to do the September and October dates and I really wanted to do New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I have so much stuff to do and figure out. I really have not had time to think about what I am teaching at the workshop.

If I do the mext two months of the tour then I will take some time off for the holidays and spend time in New Orleans with the family in friends. I still need to update website from last month. I am so overwhelmed.

You know what’s crazy I only get to stop in think when I am at the airport on the plane. My body gets to rest, finally. You should see my to do list it just get longer in longer.
I am so limited that I can only do some stuff on my blackberry. I be working my poor black girl;)

You all haven’t told me what your thoughts were about my new blog page: Black Tie Stiletto. Ijope you guys like it. Don’t forget you can also check out my Makeup & Martini beauty posting on Dolce Vanity with Laa Laa in the UK.

Just bare with me guys, I am trying to get to everybody as soon as I can. Well, its about time to board. I will keep you all updated, of course at the airport:)

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2 Replies to “L’Oreal Tour Update”

  1. wow! u have alot going on.

    remember i would love to help where i can………i have time the next few months to help if you need it, just let me know. 🙂

    remember when u do too much the body breaks down (@ least mine does) when was working full time and doing mu p/t i stayed sick seemed like LOL……….

    anyhoo take care of yourself and remember i'm here!!

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