Chantecaille Heirloom Collection

written by Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Chantecaille Heirloom Collection feature rose, in purple shades. A classic fall look for all women.
• Cheek Shade in Mood EYES
• Precision Eye Pencil in Flint
• Lasting Eye Shade in Smokey Topaz
• Iridescent Eye Shade in Rose Gold
• Shine Eye Shade in Perle and Granite
• Mascara in Black
• Lip Chic in Damask or NEW Heirloom Rose
• Brilliant Gloss in NEW Patina, Glaze, or Crystalline
Model is wearing Cheek Shade in Mood, Precision Eye Pencil in Flint, Lasting Eye Shade in Smoky Topaz, Iridescent Eye Shade in Rose Gold, Shine Eye Shade in Perle, Shine Eye Shade in Granite, Mascara in Black, Lip Chic in Damask, and Brilliant Gloss in Patina.

Chantecaille Cheek Color Powder Price: $28.00

Chantecaille Precision Eye Pencils Price: $22.00

Chantecaille Lasting Eye Shade Powder Price: $28.00

Chantecaille Iridescent Eye Shade Price: $28.00

Chantecaille Shine Eye Shadow Powder Price: $28.00

Chantecaille Mascara Price: $34.00

Chantecaille Lip Chic Price: $30.00

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss Price: $28.00

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