Family Holiday Road Trip

Because I had some free time and hubby & the kids were home from school and work we decided to have a fun family day. When I was young my family use to do road trips. We would just get in the car in go. No GPS No Maps just go where ever the driver decided to drive. We would stop in enjoy the city we rode into, stop in eat, shop, pull over in go to a fair or festival, or what ever we seem to find. I have taken my family childhood road trip game into my kids life and when we have down time in find ourselves getting bored at home we go on road trips.

So we are off…

New Orleans, LA & Miami, FL Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

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2 Replies to “Family Holiday Road Trip”

  1. Hi Brandy! I'm wishing you and your family A Happy and Prosperous New Year. I haven't been to Beau Rivage Casino since the storm and every time we come to NOLA we never seem to make it to Gulfport. I'm hope to visit there real soon.

  2. We had a great time and the Gulfport looks like its rebuilding well….better than New Orleans The family had a fun time on our road trip. Food was really good we ate so much we could not get up.

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