NBA All-Star Weekend 2010 in Dallas

Here are some fun pics from NBA All-Star Weekend 2010 in Dallas. Being the NBA Key Makeup Artist, doing glam makeup, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a GLAM LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST which means being invited to FAB A-list parties. Ladies, I also have a yummy & special treat for you, boogie down brown talented Actor Columbus Short with me at the EA Sports NBA party. Yes, ladies your eye candy Columbus Short is yummy looking but it’s the smile, the tone in his voice, the way he likes to touch my back when he talks to me is what gets me, just but don’t tell him I said that, lol!

Marisol-Hair, Maisha-Lead Hair, Veronica-Makeup, BGD-Lead Makeup, Debra-Makeup
waiting on Actor Mario Lopez so I can get him makeup ready to host the event; NBA All Star Weekend 2010 in Dallas
Singer Mary J Blige performing-I was backstage dancing with Maisha
In the green room backstage getting ready to head over to the W. Hotel for the EA Sports party during  NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010
Having a cocktail with the FAB Karen (NBA) at the EA Sports party during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010

Baby boy Actor Columbus Short trying to get me on the dance floor at the EA Sports Party during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010; he know he didn’t want me to show him up on the dance floor, lol.
Karen was ready to bust a move right now…forget a dance floor, Columbus Short watch out, lol!!!
Still kickin it at the EA Sports party with my bestie Maisha during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010

getting the nba dancers ready…luv working on Marcia
Stacey, another NBA dancer…luv her!!!
a mess, lol!!!!
NBA Fan Patrol girls are ready to hit the floor…luv working with them:)))

Melissa & I attending Michael Jordan NBA private party during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010


With the sexy MC Lyte who was on the wheels of steels at Michael Jordan private party during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas 2010…luv her

With the host of the evening Michael Jordan but somebody didn’t pass picture taking 101, lol ! thanks for the invite MJ was an honor to attend

With Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets at Michael Jordan private party…first time I worked with him was for ESPN magazine.

another day of working putting makeup on the nba dancers during NBA All Star Weekend

hanging out with another bestie makeup artist Cassie Cole

3 L’OREAL PARIS PRO MAKEUP ARTISTS working the NBA All Star Weekend

enjoying dinner & cocktails with my glam squad…i luv my girls

getting Shakira dancers a finally makeup touch up before hitting the stage…your going to luv the show! still cant believe we did full face makeup on that many girls on the second song…i really luv my makeup team !!!!!

2011 NBA All Star Weekend Headliner’s are HOT!!!!!

FROM SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL TO MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK TO NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND. Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. This jet setting makeup artist has worked with celebrities like; Golden Globe Winner Melissa Leo, Actress Kerry Washington, Rachael Leigh Cook, Reality Star Kim Kardashian, and Music Artist Jordin Sparks, just to name a few. Fresh from Sundance Film Festival 2011, this L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist worked inside the EW exclusive lounge. Now working fashion shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 in New York and next is off to Los Angeles as the NBA Official Head Makeup Artist for All Star Weekend 2011.

Keep up with the GLAM makeup artist by reading her personal blog “Inside the Life of A Makeup Artist” or follow her glamxurious tweets on twitter_uacct = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

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  1. Girl, I saw you with that fine man Columbus Short…OMG!!!!
    I only saw pictures of Columbus Short on the Internet with his wife. Are you or were you dating Columbus Short at that time??? Do tell!!! In the picture Columbus Short looks like your man the way he smiling looking all happy. Spill the beans what is he like????? Child to be that close to him I'm now your number one fan. I looked at all the makeup you be doing on the celebrities. You have a great job yes you are glam in bless to do makeup on stars. I will send you my email so you can tell me please about that fine ass man off the record. I know you hooked up with him I can tell. Girl, I can keep a secret. I'm his biggest fan if you can't tell. Glad to see he likes brown skin women.

  2. We're stalking your page for more Columbus Short pictures. My friend just text me that she came across your blog and was like is Columbus Short dating this makeup artist? So, I'm here to see who you are and read into this picture. Columbus Short only has pictures with wife floating on the Internet so how did you get this close? I know he doesn't take pictures with female fans so what are you to Columbus Short? Are you dating Columbus Short? What's the story?

    BTW, you do good makeup I like what you about. You look something Columbus Short ex, I can see why he smiling hard in that picture with you. We sent your blog out to the Columbus Short Fan Club tonight so be prepare for his fans to stalk you or until you give us answers. You said the way he touch you sounds like a tap. Just tell us about Columbus Short.

  3. I don't Columbus Short is dating this makeup artist. She do look something like his ex wife but I think she may have done his makeup. But I do think they hooked up it's NBA All Star Weekend. I do want the details Mrs Glam Life;)

  4. I'm jealous, I luvvvvv me some Columbus Short!!!! I'm one of his biggest fan. How did you meet him that night?I am so excited thanks for sharing the picture of him. I now see what kind of regular women catches Columbus Short eye. He likes brown skin with long black hair. Taking this blonde hair out my head.

  5. She look alright I'm sure it's just a fling. Columbus Short is not dating her. I'm salty cuz he ain't pressed up in rubbing on my back. Glad to see him with a real black girl in not on some Hollywood barbie girl or Kim Kardashian type of girl. I would like some dirt on who she is or was to him. She posted this in 2010. Whatever they had could or is over I'm sure.

  6. If you read what she wrote they are friends. I'm sure she worked with him a few times. He does look really happy to see her. If he's touching her and dancing with her he may like her. Like Usher he may date the people he works with:Britney Spears & Columbus Short…don't forget that story. I'm sure Columbus Short dated the makeup artist on the DL. Sorry if we bother your blog. We saw the thread Is Columbus Short dating this New York makeup artist Brandy Gomeduplessis so we came a running to your blog. We not attacking you, we wanna know about Columbus Short in who he is dating, sorry again.

  7. I don't have a makeup question but I have questions.

    Did you date Columbus Short?

    Who is Columbus Short dating?

    Have you ever been with Columbus Short?

    Are you friends with Columbus Short?

    Do you have any gossip on Columbus Short?

  8. I'm so happy for you if you scored with Columbus Short, lol. I just want to know how is he hanging???

  9. Actor Columbus Short spotted with a New York Celebrity Makeup Attist name Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. Yeah, I see you Columbus Short, I'm peeping you out!!! At least she's a black chick. Yeah, we know, just friends.

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