A Day at Couture Designer Harold Clarke

This afternoon I took my daughter Envy to get fitted for her prom dress. Because I wanted her to wear the best I knew her first dress had to be couture and from the best. I made an appointment for her to visit Couture Designer Harold Clarke showroom. A little over 13 years I have painted many faces…young, old, teens, young adults, models, celebrities, and many more. I have helped dress so many brides in today I was finally dressing my daughter for one of her big events in her life.

We really didn’t have a certain dress in mind because I wanted Mr. Clarke to select what he knew would be a perfect fit for Envy. Like back in the days Mr. Clarke just grabbed some materials in went to work just pinning the expensive fabric into an amazing dress.

Harold Clarke has dressed so many ladies for their special events; brides for their weddings, Mardi Gras balls, MISS USA, MISS TEEN, Red Carpet events, celebrities and so many more. To see him working on my ladybug made me tear up a lot.

Mr. Clarke was very satisfied with what he had put together at the first fitting, he grabbed his camera so later he could revisit the look to help him complete the dress on her next fitting. I love what he was able to do on just the first fitting. I must say my baby girl looks STUNNING!

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  1. I know how you feel because I've always felt that way when I would take my daughters to buy their prom dresses and I've got four. I really cried when I went with my daughter to select her wedding gown. She looks beautiful.

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