Enjoying My Birthday

I started my morning off by sleeping in late, as you know that is very rare. I’m not a breakfast person but hubby was able to find me my favorite cranberry muffins, and fresh exotic fruits. Of course my beverage of choice was a mango mimosa…yummy!

Thanks everyone for such amazing texts, emails, tweets, and facebook message that I have been receiving since 12am. Its such a great feeling to feel luved by so many friends from everywhere. You are all amazing as well and I luv you all for allowing me to be me….a hand full.

Yes, I am going to enjoy this great day, how can I not, lol. It’s my day…I’m a true LIBRA if you didn’t know.

Again, thanks everyone for taking time out of your busy day to send me such special birthday wishes. Can’t wait for tonight special night that one of my BESTIE’s,  @Jamielyn  Arcega is planning for me @jlscloset.

See Ya Bye & Luv You Mean It…have a GLAMXURIOUS SEXY DAY ON ME, LOL!!!!!
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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I've been following your blog for quite sometime now and I hardly ever comment. Enjoy your birthday and I will keep the celebration going tomorrow cuz it'll be my birthday! xxo

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