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By valeriekw @beautyandthebudget…my insight of being a makeup artist in the industry.
Brandy Gomez-Duplessis coined the phrase: “Glam Life of a Makeup Artist,” and she certainly lives by it. A celebrity makeup artist, she has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Tyra Banks Show, the Style Network, and TLC.  She’s done makeup for Kim Kardashian, Jordin Sparks, Brad Pitt, Fall Out Boy, Usher, Justin Bieber, and singer Deborah Cox among many other celebrities. Her work has been featured in many notable popular magazines like Essence Magazine, Teen People, and Modern Bride.
For a woman who began working as a part time Estee Lauder counter clerk, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has worked hard to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She’s the epitome of an elite insider, and I was so glad to snag an interview with her last week before she scurried off to Fashion Week!
How did you get into the makeup business? When did you decide that was your career path?
If I tell you when I got started doing makeup then I will tell my age (laughing). But, (still laughing) I started working at the Estee Lauder counter in New York part time. Back then Estee Lauder was one of the top makeup lines. I have always loved makeup, fashion, and hair. I think I was born in the wrong era, (smiling) the era where the women on television were glamorous, just walking around the house. Women were real women. They were put together, so elegant, and very sophisticated. Hair, makeup, gaudy jewelry and gorgeous clothing inspire me even to this day. (Smiling.)
Describe a typical day on set as a makeup artist.
TYPICAL…What’s that (laughing)? Every day is so different. Some days I awake at 3 or 4am and work about 13-15 hours. Some days I can start in the afternoon and work all evening on set. Some days it’s glam. A car picks me up to bring me to my client’s hotel or home and for 3-5 hours and sometimes it’s stressful but fab at the same time.
Everybody from the client, hair, wardrobe, assistants, managers, and extras are all in the room pulling at the client putting their two-cents in and we are all trying to do our part. Then later, the evening is relaxed and I am backstage watching my work on the monitor.
But every day is a blessing and I am doing what I love. I would not change my crazy schedule for anything
Overall, what has been your proudest moment as a makeup artist?
This is what I asked God for everyday. So when days are stressful on set, I just go with the flow and don’t complain. Plan A does not always work and I don’t always get off when the call sheet says due to a challenge that has come up. Rain, snow, power outages, talent running late, anything can happen. Many times we just sit until it’s time to work. That’s when I came up with this phrase, “Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist”. I am proud of my whole career. Starting off as a freelance makeup artist walking away from MAC Cosmetics, and to have built my business and worked on the people that I have worked on up until now through hard work, determination, and talent is what I am most proud. For me it’s not just one particular moment that I am proud of, it’s everything I’ve done, every time I book a new assignment, every time I work with a new celebrity, every time I fly to a new city. It’s the culmination of my dreams coming true.
What tips do you have for someone hoping to get into this business?
I am so glad you asked me this question (laughing). I wish someone would have shared this with me. I’ve never had a mentor. Everything I’ve done has all been learned through trial-and-error. Everybody wants the fast and easy way to fame and some have stepped on and back stabbed each other to get there. Do your homework first, learn what area of artistry you would want to work in. Practice, Practice, Practice and when it’s your time God will make it happen. On reality shows, fame comes fast but if you look at some of the most successful makeup artists and hair stylists they’re not in their early 20’s. You have to pay your dues and build your name.
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Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York and part time in New Orleans. Brandy is also a L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist. She has worked with celebrities like Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and Jordin Sparks, to name a few. Brandy is also a high demand celebrity bridal makeup artist that brides usually book her makeup service 1 year in advance. You can also keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog “Inside The Life of A Makeup Artist”, her fashion blog “Black Tie Stiletto” or follow her glamxurious tweets on twitter. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();