Getting Harmony Santana ready for Red Carpet at Sundance

written by Connecticut Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

@omiHarmony @rashaadernesto  @esai_morales @sundancechannel @sundancefest … One of my many honors at Sundance Film Festival 2011 was meeting upcoming actress Harmony Santana. Harmony plays Michael/Vanessa and the amazing film Gun Hill Road written by Rashaad Ernesto Green debuting at Sundance Film Festival. One of my favorite childhood actor/crush Esai Morales plays Enrique, father of Michael/Vanessa. Enrique character was locked up for 3 years in prison and when he returns home he finds out that his 16 year old son is going through a sexual transformation. I’m sure you can only imagine how a Hispanic father from the Bronx handles this new change and his family.

I got a chance to meet the cast as they came to the EW & L’OREAL Paris lounge to do their exclusive photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine. On this day I touched up the sexy Esai Morales. Later that evening Tiffany who did Harmony makeup shared with me that Harmony  & Vanessa Aspillaga (she plays Esai sister) wanted to come back to get their makeup done for the red carpet movie premiere. Very excited about doing my favorite type of makeup look; GLAM, I was hyped about doing it.
Harmony came back the next day on time for her appointment. This was my first time meeting her because the day before all I remember seeing from the cast was Esai. Harmony was a very timid and delicate young lady. I did a consultation with her asking the basic question about what she was wearing (black Versace dress), etc…Baby Girl was in the right hands she just didn’t know it. When Harmony first sat in my chair she was not to social. But half way through the makeup application Harmony opened up, she laughed and talked with me and I found out that she doesn’t live to far from me.
At the end I knew she loved her makeup because she gave me a hug and wanted to take pics. We exchanged info and baby girl was off to get ready for the big evening. The girls; Tiffany, Vanessa, and I went to see the movie. Either we pick tear jerkers or we just cry at every movie we see every year at Sundance. This is a great movie and it’s not just going to do well in the gay community and the Latino community. I found many things in the movie that I was able to relate to that’s why I was very emotional. Don’t sleep on Gun Hill Road, it’s one of those great movies that gives you INSIGHT.
Movie Premiere pictures from WireImage
Makeup Picture courtesy of Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

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