NBA All Star 2011 Day 1-Behind The Scenes

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The first day is always exciting because I get to see my glam squad team (Debra & Veronica) and the FAB NBA Fan Patrol crew. This year Debra & Veronica didn’t supply the hair assistant because the key hairstylist Maisha brought in two of her girls (Desiree & Elyse) from her new salon-BIBI Salon NYC. So welcome girls, I hope you enjoy working backstage at NBA All Star Weekend. I promise you will love the fast pace, multi tasking, high energy, ball playing, music artists, assignment. If you’re crazy like most of us you will love it and can’t wait to return, lol.
Before leaving the hotel I kick off my morning by having a redbull shot, trust me it works on major assignments like this. Because there is no time to be tired or to move slow I never leave home without them. I always have extra to share with anyone who may need some redbull in their life. This is why I always put myself through a boot camp the month before. SERIOUS!!!!
So you know the rules…NO PICTURES ALLOW unless you receive permission. I understand the rules, the players shouldn’t be harassed by the staff, I get it! We see and hear things that magazines would pay us lots of money to know. The girls will tell you I don’t know 95% of the times who the players are unless their really tall or if it’s a big name player who’s face is always plaster on TV. Sometimes it can be someone that I actually know and worked with and I can walk right pass. Example; Chris Paul in his beautiful family was coming through even though we weren’t in arm reach I didn’t recognize him right away. It took maisha to say there’s Chris Paul. The goal was to say hi to him & Jada and meet the new additional to the family but I’m so crazy I missed them.
Same rules with the music artists they don’t want us to stop them or ask for pictures while we are working on them. Especially the key team. We are not allowed to bring someone to the room and take pictures of us working on them. Usually when its time to work on a ball player or music artist production sends Holly to pull Maisha and I out of the room and they walk us over to the artists and/or player dressing room and we do their makeup & hair privately. In we better be where we suppose to be this is why we have to know the daily schedule. When it’s being taped live there is no room for mistakes.
But I do have some fun, glam shots of the crew; hair, makeup, and wardrobe working and partying, lol. I’ll post them by each day. I hope you enjoy because I know I did!!!!

Can’t leave the hotel without my L’OREAL Paris Men Hydra Ice Cold Eye Roller. Need to make sure the ball players & music artists all look refreshing. No puffy eyes or dark circles under their eyes on television.

one of the many schedule the key’s needs to know
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 getting the NBA Fan Patrol ready
( Debra @muadebrarenee, BGD, Veronica @veronicasmiley )
Key Hair-Maisha & Key Makeup-BGD
Guess what I was saying: FABULOUS
The entire 2011 NBA All Star Glam Quad
(desiree, maisha, elyse, bgd, veronica, debra)
Went upstairs to meet with the amazing wardrobe team so we could confirm the outfits of what everybody would be wearing. But of course it was changed again. these guys work really hard putting all the clothes together. now they need a reality show.
 Keisha & Niki @thisis_NIKI
I forgot the guys names. They use to work on the Tyra Banks Show
 Maisha was trying to put her scent of one of Lenny Kravitz shirt
 Niki & her crew had a lot of these to cut up
 still holding on to my loreal men eye roller’s…hahaha
 one of the best part of the day, I learned how to dougie! one of the pa’s allowed maisha and i to stand by the stage so i could learn the dance step. front row couldn’t get any better. i could have easily got on stage with cali sawg district. my teenage daughter thought it was the coolest thing. i hope i can remember the steps, lol.
cali swag district were very sweet young men very polite very appreciative. i would definitely work with them again. the dancers didnt know they were allowed to get their makeup done. the young lady with the long black hair was so sweet and she said she wanted a smokey eye i was happy to do it for her. i love working with talent that value with the glam squad do. great energy from cali swag district. luv to see that we do have well manner young people out there.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York and part time in New Orleans. Brandy is also an L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist. This New York makeup artist has worked with celebrities like; Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian, Jordin Sparks, Daphne Zuniga, Edie Falco, and Kathryn Erbe, to name a few. You recently saw her at Sundance Film Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, NBA All Stars Weekend, and more. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

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