Sarah Jessica Parker This Is How I Do It _uacct = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker(); Working on my October/November schedule and I realize that I only had 5 days off this month. And on Sunday I went to see the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. To me this is a good month the last time I went to the movies was in January at Sundance Film Festival. But others always ask me “How Do I Do It”. I live and work here in New York, and part time in New Orleans. Married with 2 teens and 2 boogie down brown babies (male yorkies). To answer the question; “How Do I Do It”…this little black book is my bible. I have to write everything down. I can’t always rely on my iPhone plus I’m old school I have to see everything.
I’m not like Sarah Jessica Parker character in the movie where she have a sitter. I’m just like the average woman who just get it done plus having a supporting husband helps. I travel a lot for work so Skye has been a very important role in our lives helping me to be a part of my kids and husband life daily when I’m away. So I can still yell if the kids rooms are not clean, and nag if Michael didn’t touch the list that I made for him. I make time for everyone through the computer so when I am on the road I don’t miss a beat.
This is how my color code work:
Pink is my personal off day
Blue is travel day
Green is work day
Maybe I need to pitch my crazy life to a producer in get a reality show, what do you think?
Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York and part time in New Orleans. This New York makeup artist has worked with celebrities like: Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Kerry Washington, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Angela Bassett, Edie Falco, Reshma Shetty to name a few. Brandy has worked with New York top affluent and influential New Yorkers; Donna Karan International, St. George’s Society of New York, The Royal Wedding Bash, The English Ball for Burberry, world renowned event planner Marcy Blum, NY award winning CeCi Johnson, Women Of New York, to name a few. Brandy recently worked Project Runway, VOGUE TV, Sperry Top-Sider, Burberry Beauty, L’OREAL Paris, International Latino Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, NBA All Star Weekend, Essence Music Festival, New York Post and more. Keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog “Inside the Life of a Makeup Artist” or follow her glamxurious tweets.
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