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The ladies of Modern Rapunzel stop me to show luv
My second year of doing makeup for the fabulous ladies of The Moms, co founders Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein with SWW Creative President and CEO Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. I’m always elated about being apart of STRUT: The Fashionable Mom fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week because I get to work with amazing moms like myself who rarely get the recognition that we deserve. Moms of infants, teens, and young adults are one of the hardest working people in all of the industry’s combine but never get the chance to get pamper. Especially non celebrities moms, plus they got to walk with their kids so I always wait for my call. 
Always good to work Fashion Week because I get to see all my busy friends like hairstylist Alex Tome.
Nicka K makeup products & beauty blender I love to have in my makeup kit.
Nicka K bronzers makes for the best eye shadows, blush & bronzers. Shadow Shields I never leave home without.
My first talent was mom blogger Cait Beauchaine from The Honest Mother before makeup. 
Backstage with Cait Beauchaine after I finished doing her makeup. She’s awesome & was one of my highlights of the evening.
Cait looked fabulous in her Couture Cottenelle Toilet Paper Dress

Getting Actress Alysia Reiner makeup ready from “Orange Is The New Black”. Alysia plays Fig on the show.

Shadow Shields helps to get the fall out from making a mess. 

Having a good laugh with Alysia while doing her makeup.
This is another luv of mine…Vaseline Brand #SprayAndGo
Giving Alysia Reiner one more makeup touch up before walking the runway
Alysia with her daughter …fabulous already…luv it!

I love the effortless bronzed makeup look on Alysia. Luv the way Nicka K Bronzer look on her.
Both my ladies backstage

Having a great time backstage
With Key Makeup Artist Diana 

Here is a treat, a video of the STRUT MOMS Fashionable Show
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