Is Your Skin In Need Of A Polishing Mask

ole henriksen truth sugar glow polishing mask

Sugar to polish. Honey to hydrate, See your skin glow with  Ole Henriksen truth sugar glow polishing mask. It’s normal during the winter for your skin to look dull and swallow. This sweet botanical blend energizes the senses and imparts a healthy glow. It’s perfect for all skin type so know need to worry that your face will miss out on this luxurious treat. It deeply cleanse, smooth and brighten with sugar, honey and pomegranate. This decadent complexion polisher deeply cleanses and smoothes to instantly reveal a glowing complexion. Just leave on for 15mins and it can be used 3-4 times a week if needed. So now, your on your way to a naturally brighten and radiant skin.


ole henriksen truth sugar glow polishing mask 1

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