The Best Way To Disguise Dark Circles

Dark Circles is a challenge that many women fight with everyday especially when applying their makeup. For many they get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to disguise their dark circles. Where do they begin, what to use, and how to apply the chosen product. So I put together a cheat sheet to help you get through this. Hopefully you’ll be a pro if you follow my notes correctly.


1.PREP-Massage an eye cream around orbital bone. Let absorb prior to applying color corrector.

2.CORRECT-In light layers, Dip, Dot, Blend your choice of item

3.CONCEAL-Use exact skin tone shade on top of corrector Then use a lighter shade to highlight just below dark area, or on outer cheek/orbital bone.

4.SET-Load tip of bristles with just a touch of product. Use tip and side of brush to set makeup under the eye with a loose finishing powder.


PINK cancels dark circles on fair skintones

PEACH cancels dark circles on light to medium skintones

ORANGE cancels dark circles on tan to dark skintones

RED cancels dark circles on deep skintones



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