Fun Day In NY For NYFW At A NARS Cosmetics Event

In the morning I always start off my day enjoy a nice cup of tea from Donna Karan New York Blend (chamomile, ginger roots, & peppermint). I’ll go sit on the deck and just collect my thoughts and then I’ll have my time with GOD, thanking him for getting me through another day. As you know by now with Lupus, Lyme, & RA, I may look good on the outside but my body thinks I’m about 90yrs old. What I luv about the ladies I’ll be with today they both understand my health issue in they don’t push me to do things are get in there feelings when I can’t do things. Thanks Ilse for my GORG mug, anything NY or NOLA I luv!

We (Brandy, Ilse & Annya) made it to Grand Central Terminal

Stopped by Great Northern Food Hall inside Grand Central Terminal to see what type of snacks they had. 

Ilse & Annya went to check out their menu

BUSY BUSY BUSY, everyone has somewhere to go. This is why I luv the energy in New York

The ladies are so social media driven

Leaving out of ABC Carpet & Home, I’m glad Annya got me out of there cuz I would have spent my kids college tuition this month in this store. Decadent is not even the best word to describe this store. iDIE every time I’m there. Oooh, but I actually look fly. #justsaying

Made it to ABC Kitchen to have a bite to eat and of course have a few cocktails

Toasting to a variety of things; FRIENDSHIP, WOMEN IN BUSINESS, BEING WIVES, WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN…those watermelon mimosas were delicious!

Made it to the W Hotel Union  Square for NARS cosmetics NYFW Event “WhatShe Said” 

 Ilse, your striking is what the mirror should be telling you

Radonm pics: this is what happens when you put makeup artists in a room together we start talking makeup. A young lady name Jeannie @jenlaprincesse  shared with us 2 new makeup items she’s luvin right now so I’m sharing them with you. Both items are from a cool company Touch in Sol. I luv their duo metallic eyeshadow & glitter.

Ladies & Gentlemen meet the talented Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Stylist


This is an art piece to me, like I would put this up in my home. Throw some red glitter on the lips, bling out the eyes.

A little touch up before we leave…I hope I gave you a nice peek of my sexy day with my glam ladies at a wonderful event. Thanks NARS & Melissa for the invite. We had a blast!

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