Did You Have A Flirty Friday


I was so worry that my day was going to be horrible because of the bad weather I woke up to. Usually because of the lupus when it’s raining ☔️ my joints get stiff, I get very achy. But guess what,  I had a sexy day! Started off with my girl Britney Spears playing on my playlist as I got ready for work.

At work I had a scheduled meeting with Amy to go over upcoming assignments, details about fashion shows, tomorrow launch party, and ordering more Jane Iredale mineral makeup. As you can see we got a little off track, it happens every time…I Luv It!




The meeting was a success because we came up with “After Hour with Brandy”(thanks Aimee)…the first one being on Nov 3rd at Whip Salon. I’ll have more details to post shortly.

So like I asked earlier did you have a Flirty Friday?



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