Get Strong Lushes Lashes With Lash Boost

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Every girl dreams of flirty lashes and usually you can buy them for a one time wear, you can also do the 3 months wear but for someone with a medical issue (Lupus, Lyme, & RA) like myself I don’t want to wear fake lashes everyday. I want my own lush sultry lashes without wearing falsies.

I was venting to my client once about my challenge and she shared with me a product she was using called Lash Boost from Rodan & Fields. At the time I never heard of the company but after seeing her beautiful lashes bloom I knew it was time that I try out the Lash Boost. The great thing about the product is it can be used on the brows as well. Being a professional makeup artist for 20 years in the beauty and entertainment industry I’ve been offer so many products to try, but nothing worked. When they came out with Latisse I was excited but once I found out that a prescription was needed, I passed on trying it. All the facts about Lash Boost seems easy enough and safe enough for me to try. So l’m all in, I’m ready to try it. While your sleeping Lash Boost is working. Who’s in with me? Here’s my link to shop for any of your Rodan & Fields skincare products. Post pictures and share with me your results as I will do the same.


*Clinically tested for 5 years *6 ophthalmologist safety tests *60 day supply

*Easy nightly application with single tube *Can be used on eyebrows

*Safe for contact lens wearer *Naturally blinking will apply to bottom lashes

*Less is more *Will not change your eye color

*Provided moisture+nutrition+protection *Money back guarantee

For best results, use Lash Boost for 8 weeks.